European Company EUCO


We seek to provide a service that will exceed our client’s expectations. Our company’s philosophy is to fully understand what the client desires in the project and what is expected from the consultant. Communication is the key to achieving this goal. We will keep our client and all interested parties involved in all stages of the project. 

This critical effort results in a successful project that both parties will be proud to be associated with.

During our working life since 2007, EUCO implemented several projects around the world individually or through our joint venture agreement with Enermove The Italian Company.

Our policy depends on the following factors:


We have worked successfully with top manufacturers and retailers around the world to help them better manage risk and comply with government regulations and industry standards.

Technical Knowledge & Leadership our services include engineers from various disciplines who specialize in oil services, water solutions, constructions (civil, mechanical, and electromechanical), and power.


Our policy is to provide our clients with the best services at the lowest cost.


The purpose of the quality control program is to provide the controls and to describe the actions necessary to ensure conformance with the requirements of the Contract Specification and with the codes and standards referenced therein.
The quality control plan is designed to be both preventive and corrective in nature.
  • A. Preventive:

The purpose of the plan is to evaluate and inspect construction materials methods of workmanship, plans, and specifications and review details in advance to ensure that work to be accomplished will meet the required quality (proactive). Also, reasons for Non-Conformance Items will be investigated and plans devised to prevent reoccurrence.

  • B. Corrective:

It is the Quality Plan management team’s responsibility to address all identified Non-Conformances in both materials and workmanship, and to implement the corrective action necessary to correct the defect.

Construction activities will be accomplished under controlled conditions, which include appropriate equipment, procedures, suitable environment and assurance that all quality prerequisites for the given activity have been satisfied. Nonconforming materials, parts and services will be identified and corrected by timely and positive action.

Reports as written policies and procedures document the Quality Control Program, identify the individuals or groups responsible for the planning and implementation of the Program, and identify the items and services to which the Program applies. 

Documentation relating to onsite and offsite activities will be prepared, received, reviewed and maintained to provide substantiation of Quality Control requirements.


Depending on our senior logistic team, we are in a position to deliver all the required services and equipment to our clients within the shortest delivery time also as we have good relationship with the shipping companies in the Middle East which facilitates our activity in this sector and serve our clients in the best way.

  • EUCO is capable of fulfilling all client’s requirements architecture, engineering, inspection, management, procurement, etc.
  • EUCO also work with affiliated local subcontractors that are qualified and experienced if needed which have EUCO previously cooperated with to finalize numerous projects to deliver best quality and cost-effective contract.
  • EUCO has a list of qualified subcontractors in each field or sector within the different Iraqi provinces.